Stereo Combined Panner

Why is this feature a PRO only feature?

What is the logic behind it?

Though I am on PRO, my writing partner is on Artist and will never upgrade to Pro.

So on every channel of every song that we want to use stereo combined panning, we both have to waste a slot using a free VST to do it.

Seriously, why is this a PRO feature.

All the other pro features, I can understand (maybe not the new dynamic in the EQ. meaning we will just use Waves F6 and ignore the Steinberg one)


This is not new for Cubase 11. It was always like this.

I know, but given they have added Variaudio to Artist, which in my opinion is much more of a Pro feature than stereo combined panner, I’m a little disappointed that this is still a pro feature.

Plus I mention to them everytime they have a survey / call for feature requests. They have never once explained why this is a pro feature.

It is slowing down my workflow, when I swap songs with my writing partner.

You mean because pro engineers work more with amateur singers, so they need variaudio, while amateur engineers work only with Pro singers and therefore donˋt need VariAudio… :unamused:

It is a pro feature because Steinberg made it a Pro only feature. They donˋt need to explain anything. It´s quite obvious, that if everyone decided their own feature list, Cubase Elements would have the features of Cubase Pro with the price of Cubase LE… And yes we know, not everyone should give their opinion, but only you…

The world is a bad place, isnˋt it… :unamused:
As you wrote already, there is a very simple solution to it.