Stereo Combined Panning issue

Hello everybody,

Please excuse my bad English…

I have a strange problem with stereo combined panning in cubase 12 then in cubase 13. The update didn’t change anything.
When I tighten the pan to sound narrower and more centered, there is no change in the spatial distribution of the sound. However, if I export the track in wav format and listen to it, the change is there.

I don’t understand where this problem comes from but it’s very annoying because it prevents me from mixing correctly.

If anyone can help me.

thank you

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Is the track routed to somewhere that has any other stereo effects etc?

Agree. Check your routing. Make sure you are actually listening to the right thing.

Also worth checking you have the ‘link panners’ feature enabled. This affects how your sends are panned. If the panners aren’t linked and you’re sending to a parallel path of some sort, it might still be panned wider.