I learned from Sonic Academy simple method of widening vocal or any other mono audio signal.
They are using Stereo Delay straight from Cubase.
Method is simple

Left channel:
Delay: 0.1
Feed back: 0
Pan: - 100
Mix: 100%

Right channel:
Delay: 25.0
Feedback: 0
Pan: +100
Mix: 100%

Sync, lo filter, hi filter are all turned off.

Method looks easy and simple but it is not working for every audio (mono) signal that I tried.
Anybody has an idea of the reason?
Simple mono vocal track with that insert – not working.
Another mono vocal track with that insert – working.
No different in set up etc.
No send to group channel, no other insert, sends.
No inserts or sends on output channel.

No different with or without stereo delay insert.

I know that vocal in such a set up sounds silly but the method it self is interesting and can be use in different situation…only if its working :question:

One thing to check is to make sure that, in each case, you are using a STEREO audio track or a STEREO FX channel if you are sending the MONO audio track to an FX Channel.

Exactly, a stereo insert on a mono channel will not work properly.

Create a Stereo channel and drag your mono vocal track onto it then put in your stereo delay on the insert.

That makes a lot of sense…
thank you.