Stereo delay not working on my vocal track

The left side of the stereo delay is working on my vocal track but the right side seems to be inactive.
I have them panned left and right respectively, but the right side even when the feedback and level are set high, is not responding. Am I missing something in the setup?.
When I play the piano through a separate track the delay works perfectly on each side.

Thank you in advance


Do you use a stereo track for your vocal?

Yes I do.
The delay worked on CB11 just fine. and as I said, the keyboard sounds on other tracks come through with stereo delay just fine.

In saying this, I have renamed and copied an old project where the delay works fine, and have set up a new master file with the stereo in working order

It still doesn’t explain to me why I cannot simply open a track on an old project and fit the delay in, but that’s okay. I’m starting fresh this way.

Thank you for your response

Hey @Sstteevvee, did you ever end up figuring out what the issue was? I’m currently having trouble getting stereo results from the Stereo Delay or PingPong Delay plugins even though I’m working with a stereo track and event :confused:

Just like yours, with Stereo Delay, my “Delay 1” on the left side works but “Delay 2” on the right does nothing.

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What happens if you use a stereo track?

Ah, that was definitely a typo, haha. I meant to say that I am, in fact, using a stereo track and stereo event.

I am sorry to respond so late. I only just got this notification.
So. The answer is no. I didn’t get it to work.
Fortunately for me, I had CB 10. on another mac.
I simply transferred a song/project that had a stereo delay on a track that was working.
It functioned on the new mac in the latest version of CB., so I saved it as a new project. Deleted everything on it except the track with the delay. Deleted the wave file events on the track and kept the track, loaded with the delay in place and renamed it as Audio 1. I will say though that my midi keyboard and vst drums responded to the stereo delay. It was just the live audio inputs from microphone and guitar that didn’t respond.
I also copy pasted it several times so i have a project that I can open as a new project every time.
If this solution doesn’t suit you, I would be more than happy to send you the new project file via email, and you could open it and use it as a blank master file for your future projects.
Hope this helps