"Stereo Dual Panner" gone??

I’ve noticed that it’s still available in preferences for new tracks but it’s gone form the options when right-clicking on a channel panner. The only two options now are “Stereo Combined Panner” and “Stereo Balance Panner”.

I realize that the “Combined Panner” can do everything that the “Dual Panner” could do but it’s a slightly different workflow. I preferred the “Dual Panner”.

The Dual Panner seems to still be around if I import a 5.5 session (and it’s still in the preferences) so I’m curious why it’s not an option for new tracks anymore.


I was wondering the same thing. Did you see that you can also use the ALT key when dragging? So if you have the combined panner dragging L / R will move the entire “block” accordingly. Moving up down will increase/decrease the width, but we can go as far as inverting left and right. Finally you can hold down ALT while dragging one side to change it only.

Awesome, thanks for the tips! That definitely helps re:workflow.
I don’t think I’ve quite got down all of the different dragging options yet, but it’s nice to know they’re there.