Stereo GM Kit

Hey All!

So I’ve wanted to extend my use of percussion a bit and started to play with the whole range of the Halion Sounds, finding a neat little set of broom sounds (even sweeping circular) from C#0 to E0 (midi standard).

Unfortunately I can’t seem to enter those notes - I wanted to add those sounds, but they aren’t listed in the Percussion-Editor.
I’m perplex that there are sounds on the integrated sound engine, that you can’t seem to notate, what’s up with that?

Does anyone have a solution/workaround?

All the best!

Hi Arne.

It seems quite easy to solve. Edit the percussion map associated to your kit (or duplicate it and modify it), so that it lists the C#0-E0 sounds. This means you’ll need to give those lines an instrument (probably snare drum) and a playback technique (usually Swish is used in Dorico, at least with NotePerformer).
Then edit your kit (Setup mode, Instrument panel) and in the kit, edit the snare instrument’s playing techniques. Add all the techniques needed to cover the different sounds (four ?). This all must be unambiguous. The instrument names must match both in the kit and in the percussion map. And so to the playback techniques involved. This is how Dorico performs its magic, translating MIDI into notation.
Hope it helps!