Stereo Group Channels export as a mono-summed stereo files


I’m trying to export stereo stems from a project (vocals, percs, guitars and fx), all routed to stereo group channels.
However, they are exported as stereo files but everything is summed up in mono (I get two identical left/right signals).

Is there a way to export the group in stereo as I hear them on Cubase?

Thank you!

Hi you, sorry if my reply is too trivial, but sometimes we miss out things unintentionally: Did you chose the correct mono/stereo etc. setting in the advanced options?

I tried every option and it never comes out as the stereo file I need…

Does the result SOUND different from just listeing to the group track within cubase? (of course you would have to route the group track to a dry (no inserts, etc.) output channel to check that).

The reason why I am asking this is that it is theoretically reasonable that the left and right channel are identical.

Yes it sounds different. For example I have guitars panned L and R but what I get is a stereo file with all the guitars panned in the center, hence the identical L and R signal.

Hm… I hope someone chimes in and can help to solve it… MArtin Jirsak is always a great source for help. Maybe you PM him?

How do you “route” the channels to the group?

you should post a PrintScreen from your export-> audio mixdown settings and your mixer routing to the groups.

Thanks for bringing the routing in this… It works now!!!

I knew it was something I was doing wrong but didn’t manage to find it.

The problem is I was “sending” the tracks to the groups instead of “routing” them and for a reason I still don’t know it doesn’t export the same way.

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

Because you didnˋt adjust the send panning.

The track is already panned and when I solo the group they sound panned as well.

Cubase allows me to adjust the send panning towards the FX track but not the Group track.

But the problem is solved now ! :slight_smile:

Yes, because the contiributing tracks that are still going to the Master out are soloed also.