Stereo Group Tracks not playing in stereo

I’ve just noticed that when I output any audio channel to a stereo Group Track, it instantly loses its place in the stereo field. This wasn’t an issue until recently, as far as I can recall. I can still pan the Group Tracks in the stereo field, and they’ll play in the appropriate pan position, so it’s no fault of my audio driver or hardware; it’s definitely coming from creating Group Tracks. :cry: Any way to fix this?

Here are my steps:

-Create empty project
-Import audio (stereo or mono)
-Add Group Track (stereo) to this track
-Pan audio track any direction
-> Result: Audio track becomes quieter, but does not change in stereo position.

I’m on a custom PC, Windows 10 (latest), Cubase Pro 9.0.30 Build 266 (64-bit), and while the plugins aren’t on any of the applicable tracks, I have iZotope Ozone 5 (mastering suite plugin) and Eventide Blackhole (reverb) in the session. I have removed and re-added Ozone 5 with no results.


Could you try in Safe Start Mode or Trash Cubase preferences, please?