Stereo Guitar from Mono Track

Hi: Anyone know the right or best way of making a Stereo Guitar track from a Mono track :question: I’ve tried the Stereo Delay unit with Cubase 6 with Lousy results. This is (WAS) an old recording technique used alot in the 1970’s and 1980’S.

I Did find this YOUTUBE video emphasizing Pitch shifting and small delays, but this is for a voice


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Duplicate the track so you have two mono tracks and use the track delay in the inspector to delay one by 10ms and advance the other by 10ms and pan one right and one left.

Another thing I wondered whether might yeild a good result is using the cloner plugin by sending your mono guitar track to a group with this plugin inserted, or perhaps even the mono2stereo plugin… or both?? Might be worth a try…

Thanks Mashedmitten. Your a Life saver. I’ve been mixing a cover of Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight with that wide Delayed,and Reverbed,
Lead Guitar for a Local Band. The Band wanted it that way and I couldn’t quite nail it. Now I got it. Thanks again.


PS: Is that 10ms -10ms technique common with a lot of metal Guitars today :question:

I prefer two seperate takes rather than duplicating as the timing of each can interweave rather than be programmed, but in a pinch… .

Sherz: You got a Link to that cloner plugin :question:
I’ll give her a try.

I tried all the presets in Cubase 6’s Stereo Delay to imitate Claptons Sound.
Nothing came close.

Mashedmitten pretty much nailed it for Clapton’s Sound.

I remember back in my 4-track days that this was a techique used alot
to get More out of 4-tracks at the Mix down stage.

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The cloner is included in Cubase. It’s under Modulation in the list.

Thanks Mashedmitten: I did not know that. I’ll Check it out
even though I think your duplicate tracks and 10ms 10ms
technique Works great.

You Know the recording industry has been doing
this trick for a long time. I remember Capitol Records
got a hold of Mono Beatle Masters in the mid 1960’S and
changed them to Fake Stereo by using EQ. They Split
the tracks left and right with the Bass on the Left
and Treble on the right. Horrible mix’s I thought :laughing:

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A good friend of mine just got the mono Beatles set. He says it was killer at first listen, with distractions. :sunglasses:

Yea distractions is right. I bet capitol
records would have loved to have had
Cubase 6 back in 1966. :smiley:
The American Yesterday and Today Beatle album
would have sounded much better. I’m glad
EMI never did this Fake Stereo to the Fab 4. :smiley:

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Another thing you may like to try for that old fake stereo thing is using a graphic EQ.

Copy track put a graphic on each and notch alternate eq’s on either side. on it’s own or combined with the delay trick.

In addition to the ‘track delay’ method, sometimes taking the pitch up one or two cents on one channel and the other down one or two cents can help too, a bit like synth detune in effect… works better on some parts than others… worth a quick try though.

Hello Nate,

A good friend of mine just got the mono Beatles set.

The son of one of our Steinberg Artist Bands mastered that one, and won a Grammy for it.

Grammy award for Paul Hicks

Once again, Tony’s son Paul as been rewarded for his excellent work on Beatles material.

Best Historical Album - “The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings)”.


Jeff Jones & Allan Rouse, compilation producers; Paul Hicks, Sean Magee, Guy Massey, Sam Okell & Steve Rooke, mastering engineers (The Beatles)




Split: This technique with the Graphic EQ is probably what Capital records did to early Mono
Beatle Masters to make them sound sorta stereo. I still have a copy of the Butcher cover
( Yesterday and Today Beatle Album) and i’ve alway hatedl listening to. Sounds Phasey and weird to me.
Love the Music though

Back in the late 1970’s I did alot of this Mono to Stereo with a Roland Chorus Echo - Tape Echo unit.
I still have it. And I noticed there’s a company making a Software Plugin of it. :smiley:

Cool Thanks Chris. The Beatles Live on in Mono and Stereo

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Excellent, Chris. Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses: