Stereo image is squashed


I use CuBase version 7.5. For a tune I’m working on, I use only VST instruments. When I export the tune to wav or 320 mp3, the stereo image sounds almost mono, while when play it in CuBase, it sounds wide, the way I want it.

I cannot discover where it goes wrong. In the export settings, it does say stereo.

Hi and welcome,

Could you send a screenshot of your Export Audio Mixdown window, please?

I’d a test… Mute everything . Create a new track that you pan to the left . (Nothing at all but silence in the right) Export it… Is the result a mono file ? This simple test will tell you if the export is the problem if it ends up mono too or not… if it ends up panned as you did then watch every track one by one. You got the idea. You test outside the context of that song til you fnd the problem which is surely very simple to fix…