"stereo in" shows signal with nothing connected

Hello! I have a problem that I can’t solve

on the mixing console, the “stero in” shows a signal but nothing is connected to the audio interface.
I made sure it was configured correctly. I have a presonus itwo
I changed the interface for another and the same thing happens. (hyper x quadcast)
I changed the interface driver to assio4all and the same thing happens
what could be the problem?

Thank you so much!
Pedro Vercesi

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Captura de pantalla 2023-03-22 142843

Analog circuitry noise perhaps?

If it happens with 2 different interfaces that would suggest it’s the USB lead or some kind of mains interference if the lead is good.

i couldn’t tell
how could i check it?

If so, will it be a problem with the drivers of the USB ports?
I have windows 11 and my motherboard is an MSI pro carbon
should I maybe update the bios?

Do you seen any signal level if you reduce the input gain to zero on the audio interface?

On my Cubase, with a Steinberg UR824, a similar indication of ‘signal’ (noise I guess) is present on the inputs connected to a synth or similar sound producing device but only when the gain level is pretty high and the synth output level is pretty high.

Try a different USB lead and port, if still no change as @Fantom said

Do you seen any signal level if you reduce the input gain to zero on the audio interface?

If you try both of these and you still have noise I believe it must be interference.

I had this problem for ages on my old Windows PC (Windows 7). I’m still using the same interface (UR22) on my Windows 11 PC. The problem went away after I switched USB cables and moved all the cabling around in the studio. I haven’t had the issue since on either of my studio PC’s.

As the other guys are saying - try another USB cable and USB port. If that doesn’t work double-check all your cabling for dry joints, loose connections etc. I know it’s a hassle but it’s worth it in the end if it solves the issue.

Also - are you using properly shielded cables in/out of your interface? A dodgy earth can amplify any external noise.

Hope this helps.

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when I lower the stereo in fader the signal goes away

I’m going to try it
Thank you!

No, the gain on your interface.

Turn these all the way down. If the signal disappears in Cubase, you’re all good. If not, perhaps check your USB cables et c. as described above.

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Thank you mlindeb (I gave up :pensive: )