Stereo in / stereo out coloring

I noticed since cubase 9.5 (my first one) that it is impossible to colorize stereo in and it does not appear next to stereo out in main window. In the console mix 2 and 3 it’s appear, well on the left but not in the main window. And if I add input bus then it’s the same, impossible to colorize. In this versoin 11 it is the same thing. Open new white project and you would have stereo in and stereo out but separately visible only in console 2 and 3 ( stereo out only alone in the main window ) and you can colorize only stereo out. Add more buses and you will see it is the same. It’s strange.
I have a tip so that they finally appear in the main window. I activate the writing of the automation then I move the slider then it appears and I can finally add the colors.
I would like to know if other people have the same experience or other tips how to do it.
( excuse this lousy google translation )
thank you


In Cubase 11, there is only the Main Output (Stereo Out) available in the Project window. All other Input/Output Channels have no representation in the Project window by default. To make them present, do the steps, you described (enable Write Automation in the MixConsole window).

This is by design.