Stereo Input

Does midi require stereo input? I have a 2 mono input audio interface. I record vocal and guitar. I also use midi drums and an Akai MPK25 keyboard. Does the midi use stereo input if I have that configured in VST connections? How about effects? Do they wanna see a stereo input as well? I’ve recorded with mono only inputs and it works, I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong by not allowing access for midi / effects to a stereo input.

Midi has nothing to do with audio.

Midi is an control protocol which sends command-data to synths or receives it back from synths.
Midi is a 5-pin connection and transport serial communications from computer to midi devices like synthesizers, drumcomputers etc etc.


In your case the midi connection would be viable for your Akai MPK25 keyboard, but I guess that this device has an usb connection and so talks midi over USB connections, maybe confusing but you must master the basics before advancing to other things in the daw world.

When I find some basic tutorials you’re the first to know :slight_smile:

My apologies for not being clear. I understand this is a basic concept to most people here. I am not unfamiliar with midi or DAWs. I am trying to make the switch from Ableton to Cubase. Whereas Ableton configures my inputs for me, Cubase requires a little input (pun intended) from me. When I start an empty project, Cubase auto creates a stereo input for recording. I use mono inputs on my usb interface for vocal and guitar input. Mono signals. Then I will make a drum track or add reverb etc. The question is… Is it necessary to have stereo inputs in this scenario?

BTW, I have read the manual on this subject and Cubase documentation eludes to the idea if I need to record a keyboard and desire stereo, that’s one reason to use a stereo input. Something like that. Don’t quote me.

I make basic recordings. I’m a songwriter. I do however want to be using the software in a typical setup. If keyboard tracks via midi should be using a stereo input so be it. If it’s a preference thing, like recording my guitar in stereo, then no, that is not my intention.

Ah so I see, You have to go to VST Connections (F4 key) and delete the stereo input, then recreate 2 mono inputs.

You can record mono signals into stereo inputs but this would not be my advise.
Mono signals to mono busses.

Also note that I think it is possible to create a stereo input and 2 mono inputs using the same inputs from the soundcard, however they cannot be used simultanous. I never tried it as I have enought I/O available.

Right, I always do make mono inputs for my guitar and vocal. I was just wondering if deleting the stereo inputs had any effect on my midi instruments and effects.

Hi, no deleting the inputs will not effect your vsti’s or fx.

Some FX or VSTi’s however can work with live input like Vocoders and comparable effects, when the input is deleted this functionality is broken then untill you re-apply the input settings.

Deleting outputs on the other hand do have effects ( :laughing: you won’t hear anything :mrgreen: ).

Excuse me if I’m to simple, it is difficult to Judge someone’s knowledge based on a few posts.

Yes, you can do this. But all of the inputs are available for use simultaneously. I have a stereo in and 2 monos from the same physical inputs that can all be selected independently as audio sources.