Stereo Insert Column in Inspector (Left inserts | right ins)

Ie, look at the current insert column inspector and imagine it being divided in two, a left side, and a right side. L/R able to be bypassed separately, loaded with different effects, or the same VST but with different settings. Make them linkable so you can get an overall even setting between both, but then unlink to fine adjust different settings for L/R.

I love this but we are going to need more insert capability first, no :smiley: ?

Not sure what you mean? Guessing you mean higher number of inserts, not limited to the current 8?


I’d like to add, this is something you should be able to do for individual insert slots. ie, you right click on 1 of the 8 (or future 16…) and select an option to break it up into a left insert and right insert.