stereo inserts in mono channels


I wanted to run a stereo instance of Guitar Rig 5 as an insert in a channel for recording a mono guitar signal. Although the output of the channel is stereo and I can freely pan the mono signal, I can only get a mono out from guitar rig, even though the meters in Guitar rig say that it’s outputting in stereo.

If I record the guitar with a stereo input on a fully stereo channel, so that it makes a stereo file, then it works fine, even if I’m only recording the left input (the right channel appears as a flat waveform, but guitar rig is now in glorious stereo).

So my query is whether there is any means of recording the guitar onto a mono input but, but getting a stereo output from Guitar Rig or whatever when used as a channel insert. ie can I split the mono input signal into a stereo one, so that there is now a stereo signal path? Otherwise my guitar recordings are stereo files, which obviously doubles their size and seems a bit of a waste of memory.

Any thoughts



Well that´s the thing with mono tracks: they are mono. If they´d output a stero signal they were not mono…
Create a stereo track and assign a mono input bus.

It used to be the case before VST3 that the plugin dictated the channel outputs, but now the channel dictates the plugin’s outputs. So, yes, a mono channel makes the plugin mono. So one way is to create a stereo channel (with mono input) and insert it there. You could send it off to a stereo group though too.

Pity, cause it was a nifty shortcut feature that I used all the time!! But I don’t think there’s any real overhead in the new method, and it seems that some people never use Mono channels now for this reason.


Even in pre VST3 times, stereo FX inserted in mono channels gave a mono output.

Well that´s the thing with mono tracks: they are mono. If they´d output a stero signal they were not mono…
Create a stereo track and assign a mono input bus.[/quote]

Which is what I’ve done… that’s not my point… I simply want a way to record mono guitar files that can then feed a stereo insert to create a stereo output, which was easy to do in Soundscape. But now when I record a mono source, to get the stereo output, I need to record it on a stereo track, so it makes a stereo file, but with one side silent. In other words, the file is twice the size to what it needs to be and I also presume a stereo channel takes up more CPU than a mono one… not really a huge issue, as I do have plenty of power and hard drive space, but seems a little inefficient.

I also wouldn’t want to send a mono file to a stereo group, as I run multiple instances of guitar rig, each with different sounds, so channel inserts seem the obvious way to go.

No matter, I can live with it, now I know I can’t work in the way I got used to with Soundscape.

Is that really the case, that Cubase creates a stereo file when recording from a mono source on a stereo track? It could be only the graphical representation, unless ofcourse you checked the actual file size? BTW, I was thinking of the Mono to Stereo plugin, but unfortunately that needs a stereo source file (weird…).

Luck, Arjan

Read my answer again it´s not what you have done -
What you have done is assign stereo bus as input of a stereo channel, what I advised was to assign a mono bus as input of a stereo channel.

The MonoToStereo plugin can work on a mono source but needs a stereo track for its stereo output.
So drag a mono file into a stereo track, insert MonoToStereo plugin and it will work as designed.

Does dragging the mono file onto a stereo track not work without using the mono to stereo plugin!!!

:slight_smile: But dragging a file might not be what the OP wants, when he is talking about recording.
So as said 3 times already assign a mono input bus to a stereo track.

Yes, that now makes 4 times :laughing: Was just pointing out about the above!

Yes, of course. I just answered to the complaint ‘MonoToStereo plugin needs a stereo file to work’.
Never mind.

Ah yes I see :sunglasses:

Ah, I see. The documentation (Cubase 6 Plug-in Reference.pdf) says “The plug-in must be inserted on a stereo track playing a mono file”. To me that constitues a stero source file, but I guess I’m used to WaveLab too much…

Luck, Arjan