Stereo interleaved AAF import

Something we’ve always wanted AVID to handle is stereo interleaved files, and now finally it seems it can. And also export them as AAF but it looks like Nuendo isn’t prepered for this? Am i wrong or will this come in a later upgrade?

Hi Alex,
Nuendo 5.5 is does handle multichannel files from Avid.
Please be aware that Avid uses “custom” AAF structures to allow an embedded AAF to be created with ‘multichannel’ tracks. However, the embedded media on these tracks is mono. When these files are imported into Nuendo, ‘Track 1’ (which might have originally been a stereo track), will now be imported as two mono tracks (this is the same result if the AAF file is re-imported into Protools).
Once in Nuendo, you can use the “Convert Tracks” function to combine a mono pair into interleaved tracks.

If you are seeing additional problems, please let us know.


Hi Thorsten, thanks for your reply.

From what I understand this is a new feature for AVID, what you’re describing is the old way that I’m very used to but the editor called me up and said he now could export the sound as stereo and asked if Nuendo could recieve that. I said “I guess…” but when I did there were 4 and 5 events (mono) on top of each other and total caos. :confused:

The editor then did it once more “the old way” (only mono) and everything was fine.

I can check it out again with the editor on monday.

I had the same experience the other day. The interleaved files messed up the sync of the whole project. The AAF actually contained stereo interleaved files that imported into Nuendo as interleaved. I’d never seen that before. Nevertheless, the end result was unusable. Luckily I have a copy of PT for these kinds of situations :wink:


I know this is an old thread but FWIW Pro Tools 11 imports them as stereo tracks.

Thanks for the tip to convert to Multichannel that feature is missing in Cubase I had looked in the past for this. The unfortunate little missing details and they push it for music engineers and so much of Nuendo I would use on Music projects.