Stereo metering


is it possible to get the VU meter values as stereo?

Are you using it in control room , stereo track ? What plugin you using for VU ?

NO. Different values for left and right. It’s in the nature of the task.

Hi @st10ss, totally correct, and I think that actually this raised the question which is about the midi remote API implementation, in particular this one:


This is not giving an L/R value set, hence the question (I think).

I don’t personally use it (too much of detail for me on my controller’s display), however @Peter8, I think you could add a feature-request tag here.

@mchantzi yes that is right. It was about the remote API. I tagged it but I guess I should have also mentioned it in the text. I will add the feature request

And you need to specify what you mean.
The device that you try to use could help as well. Not all devices are capable of all possible features.
Do you mean a combined value?

I mean a separate value for left and right. Some controllers can display that. The only thing I was able to get was the combined value of left and right.

Do these controllers use MIDI or are they EuCon devices?
I believe this is a question for @Jochen_Trappe.

These are MIDI devices. I don’t think you can talk to EuCon devices with this “MIDI Remote API”.
Most devices support the HUI protocol which also supports stereo. But not all devices can display it.

Many of the EuCon devices can use MIDI as well. But eventually not at the ame time.