Stereo mono Issue

I have changed configuration of the track to mono however the track still shows it is in stereo
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When you create an audio track, you choose whether it will be mono or stereo. Ideally, make the right choice from the start. If you have created a stereo track and want to hear it mono, the easiest thing to do is to insert the MonoToStereo plugin and click the mono button. It requires very little handling.

Another way would be to make your stereo track mono by exporting your track using the Audio Mixdown Item in the File menu. You select your track and export as a mono track and request that after the export a new track be created in your project. It’s also very quick and easy to make.

The audio output of your stereo track will show either Stereo, Left, Right. There is no option here to make your track mono. You must use the methods suggested above. Good luck!

So even if the track has no data you can’t change its configuration after it was added? Tbh, adding plugins eats up resourcess. I am just setting up a template with tracks becasue Cubase does not remember template settings for folders if I add a new track.

Sorry, I am not sure but i think it isn’t quite right what you are saying, I am able to set both mono in and out
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You are right. In the Audio Connections - Output or Input window, you can easily create as many stereo and mono inputs and outputs as your audio interface allows.

However, it is always better to make the right choices from the start. Also, Steinberg’s plugins consume very few resources, so that’s really not a problem.

Well done!

You’re setting Input and Output to mono. Not the track itself.
Mono Input → Stereo Track → Mono Output

For now, it’s impossible to change ‘on the fly’ between mono/stereo tracks (it’s a requested feature). You have to create a new mono track.

EDIT: stereo/mono switch feature request: Switching mono to stereo - #44 by Tj99

Good to know thanks!

Perhaps should add that mono (Cubase config) tracks are usually best avoided, there is no advantage over stereo track that I can think of. Record a mono input into a stereo track will give a mono track anyhow, but the advantage is that the mono track can have stereo effects applied to them. While you can feed to a stereo FX channel it is quite useful to keep things compact.

My main use, as an example, is to apply a Haas stereo delay as the final plug-in of a track sometimes, say a piano or rhythm guitar (that is a stereo delay with about a 25ms difference between two fully panned delays with zero feedback which creates the effect of a single track but coming out either side to avoid trampling on vocals) - that would not work if applied to a mono track as the output of the stereo plugin would remain mono in the same place as panned.

Stuff like chorus effects normally have a stereo component. which is lost on a mono track, but present on a stereo track with a mono recording.

If you A) set the Panner on you Track to Stereo Combined Panner from the default Stereo Balanced Panner then you can B) make the Track Mono by setting both the Left & Right edges of the panorama to the Center.


Very much agree.

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That’s a great one. Thanks!

The difference between a mono audio file being played back on a mono or stereo track is the amount of channels that the plugins use (1 vs. 2).
However, there is another difference, the peak levels. In my opinion there is no better or worse, we just have to understand that there is a difference.

Example: Play back a mono audio file…

a) project stereo pan law is set to “equal power” (default value)
stereo track: stereo balance = C
mono track: panorama = C
Result: same peak level on both

b) project stereo pan law is set to “equal power” (default value)
stereo track: stereo balance = L(eft)
mono track: panorama = L(eft)
Result: peak level on mono track is 3dB above the stereo track

c) project stereo pan law is set to “equal power” (default value)
stereo track: stereo combined = L(eft) | L(eft)
mono track: panorama = L(eft)
Result: peak level on stereo track is 3dB above the mono track

If you start to change the stereo pan law in the Project Setup you will get other values.
As I siad - no better nor worse, just something to keep in the head.