stereo mono problem

This is probably easy and thanks for taking the time to answer.
I have one channel in my template , it is stereo, I went back to device and checked all inputs are mono i don’t see that I have any channels linked.
I must have done something , I don’t use stereo for anything at this point. thanks kevin

If you don’t like the stereo track you can delete it, and replace it with a mono track.

You could also just leave it there and when you record mono information to it the resulting left and right channels will be identical … i.e., it will be mono information on what Cubase is calling a stereo track.

thanks, here is why I wondering what is going on,
in the vst connections is shows its mono on track three
on the inspector it show stereo ,
why don’t they match up
shot 2 cbase.PNG
stero 1 inspector.PNG

I can’t say for sure, but I suspect when you created the track, you told it to create a stereo track. You can do that even if you only created mono buses in VST Connections. That could come in handy if, for example, you dragged (or imported) a stereo piece of audio into your project.

In other words, they don’t have to match up, and sometimes that’s a good thing. You control whether it’s a stereo or mono track that is created and placed in your project, not Cubase.

If you want a mono track there, create another audio track, and keep an eye out for the drop down choice of stereo vs. mono.

got it and thanks for taking the time to answer, I will keep it as you suggested. kevin

You could just use stereo tracks all around, and record mono on them.
That gives you the the advantage that you can use stereo plugins on the tracks.