Stereo ? Mono ? [SOLVED]


I just may be blind, but where can I see whether a track is mono or stereo ??? Cannot find it in the inspector nor the project window anymore.

In all previous versions this was written underneath the track name (project window), but now ?

you can choose if the [new] icon (configuration) is shown or not in the track controls settings drop down.

Thanks, Max !!!

I really need a documentation…

But it’s really hard to see this circle, which only becomes visible at large track settings…

I dislike, I dislike. Ain’t stereo or mono some interesting information ??

Ooops, my bad again: We can customize that completely !

Well, now, I stand corrected and I LIKE, I LIKE !!!


Yip, liking it too :smiley:

But, you can’t see the difference between stereo and mono GROUPS and FX channels…unless you use the channel settings window… :frowning:


Hello Matthias,

Could you explain what you mean by this?

“…We can customize that completely !..”

I find the circle icons for mono & stereo small & hard to see, and would love to be able to make them more visible if possible.

Any help appreciated.



In the track control settings highlight ‘Channel Configuration’ and then ‘Move Up’… This way the little icon doesn’t get bigger, but stays visible on small track heights… You’ll see what I mean.


Thank you for the reply Robin!

In fact, this is the approach I had initially taken (putting the icon at the top) and, although a bit easier to see, I still feel it requires a certain extra effort to quickly distinguish a track’s properties (compared to the previous “mono/stereo” labeling).

Again, I appreciate your quickly and clearly stated suggestion!

  • DE

Hi DE,

sorry for the late reply,

of course the channel mode icon should get back where it has been before, just below the track name. The space below the track name is completely wasted in 5.5.

Please make the stereo/mono icon available to GROUP and FX tracks!!! :angry: