stereo-mono switch for tracks

its a big problem
when u want to be able to do stereo processing on mono track
u usually drag all the information from the mono track to the stereo track
and then u can do ur stereo processing…

it can be usefull if there is a mono-stereo switch to convert the track between stereo and mono

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FYI… If applicable to your concern, stereo VST effects (like reverb, etc) will work if you record your mono source (VST Connection) directly to a stereo track.

Further discussion here:

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Being able to change tracks from mono to stereo or vise versa would be very useful.
Perhaps this can cause some problems with certain third party VST inserts but a simple warning with a “don’t show this warning again” checkbox should do the trick.


There could just be a pop up message saying “you can not stereo process this track until you send it to a group track using stereo inserts” or something along those lines.

Steinberg make it happen. There are hundreds of good ideas in these forums that would truly enhance the functionality in Cubase with what we currently have available.
This way you get to re-polish performance and optimisation and functionality each time. Its important not to overlook how much impact simple changes can have for your users.

Introducing more unnecessary features in Cubase that arn’t particularly needed and ignoring the customer base is wasting both of our time and resources and overall is a bad business model for a DAW.

Alot of the other DAWs on the market have had better mono track handling compared to cubase for quite some time now, instead of playing catchup with others in the right department Steinberg seem too busy wasting development resources into things such as VST connect etc…

I honestly feel like Cubase has become more about Marketing (Trying to make sales based on new un-polished features and other irrelevent bells and whistles and is directed at making sales from more inexperienced users or impulse buying) rather then performance, functionality and optimisations.

Its totally ok for Steinberg to have a new released version of Cubase with a astronomically boring list of changes, however the hundreds of good ideas in these forums seemingly small and simple changes can create alot of excitement aswell because its what we need.

Im just being abrasive because I want Steinberg representatives or developers to take more notice of these forums.

I really love Cubase, but not the current state that is in.



+1 in spades! I especially would like to be able to have a synth (either in an instrument track or in the rack) send output to a mono track, averaging the stereo synth output, without having to jump through hoops with sends and utility channel-tool-type plug-ins.

Hey Guys, I made a youtube video to try and further help this suggestion.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5 - Implement better MONO Handling functionality into Cubase

The video is a little long and could be confusing for some, so please excercise a little patience and focus, would be appreciated.

So basically this video is highlighting 2 different Mono handling functionality implementations:

(1) The importance of having a “Split Left and Right Channels” menu option within Cubase. (Preferably the Audio and or Process menus)
(2) Adding a “Split Left and Right” Channels function in the Audio Pool Converter.
(3) Having the option to choose specifically the Left or Right Channel for Group Mono Tracks.

(4) Also the idea for a Stereo/Mono Track switch as suggested in this thread, but is not demonstrated in my video.

All ideas to be considered…

The 3rd option I forgot to mention in the video until after I made the video lol. The idea behind option #3 is outlining the importance of having the ability while recording live into Cubase to strictly select and record either the Left or Right Channels from a Stereo Source with a Group Mono Track.
Adding the Split Left and Right Channels menu options only caters for Stereo files that have already been imported into the project and would like to be converted to seperate Left and Right Channel Mono files further on in the project.
Having this additional Menu and Audio Pool functionality would reduce the process of having to “Export Audio Mixdown -> Audio Engine Output -> Split Channels + L/R Channels” and then Re-import these split files back into your project if you forgot to do so the first time round with the “On Import Audio Files” settings dialogue, and also for any newly recorded Stereo Tracks that “only” have the option of Exporting and Re-importing.

Also I am willing to accept that I may not have my demonstration routing configuration setup correctly to achieve what I was wanting to do. I did not create a test condition for using a Group Stereo Track and testing the Group Track 100% Hard Right panning and Stereo / Mono Audio Track 100% Hard Right panning and additional tests with the Mix6to2 plugin to see if I could record seperate Left and Right Channels. Please feel free to correct any of my mistakes and inform me of the proper procedure steps of how to specifically record “Left and Right Channels” would be greatly appreciated, however I still feel that my ideas are worth taking into consideration as this recording routing method is simply cumbersome.

Im not a Einstein or a programmer or anything, ive been to audio schools multiple times, been dabling with electronic music producing since 2002 and am just a electronic producer dude who likes recording and processing many wacky sounds. Im just highlighting things that I experience with my workflow and I am offering suggestions that seem very important to me and general workflow within Cubase. I may not neccessarily always be right…but I would like to be taken seriously…

Lastly There is no official Operation Manual documentation or examples describing how to specifically record a “Left or Right” channel from a Stereo source using the Group Track record method or the Output Bus setup method.
This is one of those things that if you were shown once to do properly you would probably be ok from then on, but in general it seems really cumbersome and clunky and hard for the general synthesizer dude to “invision” the configuration properly.

I feel that some of these suggestions would be great alternative to have available in the DAW environment.

Hope you understand a little bit of this atleast lol


+1 indeed


I just wanted to add that its a bit difficult to convey what im trying to say and my video is a bit sloppy, I might remake it, shorter more precise etc.

To try and tighten up my terminology a bit im basically talking about the functionality of Left and Right Channel summed Mono files or purely Right Channel summed Mono or Left Channel summed Mono.

  • Add the Split L/R Channels function into Audio and Process menu’s
  • Add the Split L/R Channels function into the Audio Pool converter
  • Add Mono summing options into Group Mono Tracks to be either Left channel summed Mono or Right channel summed mono , and the normal Left and Right summed Mono.
    -Add Stereo / Mono switch to tracks (preferably able to be Left and Right summed Mono, Left summed Mono or Right summed Mono aswell lol)

I can’t figure out how to achieve this with Mono Group Tracks or Output Bus routing and or in combination with the Mix6to2 utility. The only thing that achieves this for me is the Split L/R Channels on import or export. Then I run into situations where I am panning mono Audio Tracks hard left and hard right etc. and routing them back into Group Tracks etc, then I might only want the Right Channel summed Mono for sound design purposes and it just gets too confusing for me, it would just be easier to have the Mono summing functionality available in the Group Tracks. (Think of these Group Tracks as a specialised flexible Mono summing Track, quick and easy to route things into to make recordings of Left summed Mono or Right summed Mono to be further processed for sound design purposes etc)

There is no official Operation Manual documentation or examples describing how to specifically record a “Left or Right” channel from a Stereo source using the Group Track record method or the Output Bus setup method. Could anyone explain to me ?

I could just be tripping balls, but this is powerful functionality with sound designing and would stop the need of repeatedly having to go through the File -> Export -> Audio Mixdown -> Audio Output Engine -> Split Channels procedure over and over again

hope im making any sense at all to anyone :smiley: reduced version

Guessing this is not possible yet?