Stereo Option

Stereo option in playback

At the moment the playback is in mono. With 2 instruments with the same sound preset, it becomes difficult to distinguish the voices. A simple option would be a stereo separation. On the iPad Pro or with headphones this would allow a better localization of the instruments. Can we expect that a stereo function will be introduced one day?

I think you actually mean double-mono, and I dont think this is actually a Dorico problem, but inherent in the problem of using two instances of a single synthesized instrument and expecting it to appear in two different parts of the soundstage, each controlled by a different stave of the score.


Thanks for the answer.
When I look at the channel strips in play mode, I don’t find any pan controls there. Even if I use different sound presets, I can not arrange them in the stereo image. Everything is mono.

The panning controls are at the top of the faders.

Aaaaaahhh! Thank You!! :grinning: