Stereo or mono?

How can I easily spot if a channel is stereo or mono in the new mixer.
(This is not a quiz or a trick question…srsly…how?)

Good question…

Can’t see it yet but on the Project page left of the track, the track descriptor with mute/solo monitor buttons etc. To the right edge of that you should see a single small circle or double circle (like a fig 8 sideways) which indicate mono or stereo.

Yes, Conman…I have seen those circles for several years…but that was not the question!
Zero points for that answer, I’m afraid…
I need to see with a quick glance in the mixer what tracks are stereo or mono.


me too

And with group tracks, you can’t even see that in the mixer nor in the Edit channel window.


I’ve been asking this question. Thought I was the only one that cared! lol

For the simplest solution I would suggest to incorporate them in the track names, this way you could have your own system of determining the channels configuration, I mainly look at the meters, if I am correct stereo show 2 bars and mono shows 1 bar.

Thats the problem. It only shows two bars in the mixer window but in the workspace, all meters show with one bar wether its mono or stereo. Panned or centered. You cant tell if you have a track panned just by looking at it.

I sure wish there was a way to switch a track between mono and stereo, been asking for that for a long time!

Excellent proposal!!!

If the meters in the mixer are set to “input” (which is how I like them) they show one bar for mono and 2 for stereo . . .and 6 for . . .etc.

What if Cubase is not Playing?
The onebar twobars meters when Cubase is playing is not a solution.

The old mixer was better in this regard. Please Steinberg, adress this issue.

I really hope they address this issue, this is essencial info, and should never have been omitted.

Yup. Its an absolute workflow killer for me. One of the few reasons I haven’t began using C7 for projects. Have only been playing with it with 6.5 projects that i already had recorded. What kills me about Steinberg is the lack of communication. I think if they acknowledged to us that they are aware of the issue and plan on correcting it soon, I wouldn’t feel so bad but we get nothing.

I didn’t realize until now the ramifications of this:
There is NO WAY to tell if a group channel is stereo or mono :unamused: WTF

Not exactly true. Right-click pan, if there’s an option to change between Stereo Balance/Combined Panner it is a stereo group channel.

Mono/stereo switch shouldn’t be too much to ask though…

Thanks, Asgardao!
You seem to know the workarounds!
Still boggles me how a betatesting team could vote for omitting such a basic and useful feature.
(If discerning between mono and stereo can be called a “feature”, that is…)