Stereo Out and Aux out meter not showing

I have two stereo outs, but I noticed only the main one is showing on the meter in the right zone and when I route the secondary one the meter stops showing the levels. Please help… What am I doing wrong? or is it a glitch?

Hate to say it, but did you read in the manual about that specific meter?

Hey, thank you for your reply. I read the “Metering and Loudness” section on page 496 and didn’t see any references to my problem. I am not sure how to fix that problem and was hoping maybe someone here could help out. Thank you

The meter in the right zone only displays the level of the output bus that is defined as the Main Mix. It is indicated by this icon which of your busses will get displayed.

Hi Johnny and thank you so much for your reply. I have that selected as per your drawing already but I am after something a little different.
I am trying to have the meter working as I have in Ableton when I am switching the outputs and meter follows instantly.
To best illustrate my question/problem I have created a short video of the meter behavior I have in both Ableton and Cubase. I am sorry if this sounds stupid but I am very new to Cubase.
Please see the short video and let me know if this is possible as I am used to in Ableton.
Thank you again so much!

Ableton Live seems to have a track that lets you quickly chose the Master output in the project. In Cubase this is done, a bit more slowly, in the Audio Connections → Outputs dialog.
In your video you are simply changing the output routing of a track to go to Aux instead of Master but the right zone fader still displays Master (which will then be silent).

When switching DAWs it is always important to keep in mind that several features and even workflow philosophies may vastly differ and that one cannot always do exactly the same in DAW B when one does it in DAW A.

If you want to use two stereo outs because you have different speakers attached to them, it would be advisable to use the Control Room of Cubase, also in the Audio Connections dialog. Activate it and, instead of setting up two output busses, you would set up two Monitor busses.

In the Control Room panel you can then switch between them through the A-B buttons:

In case you use Control Room you should disconnect any bus in the Outputs tab of Audio Connections.

Thank you so much for the explanation, this is great. Exactly what I needed. You are right when using two different DAWs I often think that a lacking feature is a glitch :slight_smile:
In this case I am not sure why Steinberg locked that right zone meter to the default meter only but I am sure there was a logical explanation I just don’t know it.

Thank you so much again for the explanation.

For me it is the same the other way round. I don’t know understand the benefit of Ableton’s concept. It’s an akward feature implementation - from my point of view.

I agree with you. I am trying to change my way of thinking, I think over time it’ll come to me :slight_smile:

Thank you again so much for your help Johnny