stereo out export not including all the tracks in the file?

I have come across a new problem today. i started a new track which plays fine in cubase, but when i export it and select stereo out. two of the tracks are missing from the exported file. i have two midi tracks panned left and right, one with halion loaded and the other mystic and a melody. when i play the exported file it plays half or a bit of the first note in the melody but then the rest is missing from the export file.

any ideas?

Try freezing those files first, bit annoying but it should work… there seem to be some people having problems with one or two of the included synths, not had those problems myself but a fair few people have.

Try Realtime export.

freeze? arent you meant to do that only if your pc hasnt got enough processing power? my pc is rock solid. ive built tracks of 8mins+ length with 40+tracks and proccesing all over it without any dramas before. and the track that im having problems now only has 6 tracks and is only an 8-bar loop?

check my pc specs. its not the processing power.

thanks for the replies. anyone else had this problem? im gonna start a new track today and see if i have any issues exporting, maybe it is just this file for some reason?