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Hi everyone,
I’m working on a project with several tracks, all routed to groups tracks, and through them to stereo out; I noticed that stereo out level indicator (no fx active on it) differs from the master one in the control room and I can’t guess why…
Any suggestion?
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Is your Control Room Level set to 0dB?

Sorry, I see now. I’m assuming you reset both meters before starting playback? No inserts in Control Room?

Hi @mlib,
yes I reset both meters (I’v created a shortcut: shift+option+R) and I have inserts on CR but they are Supervision, Tonal Balance Control and Span Free Analyzer so they shouldn’t affect the signal; I also have an FX track with some track routed to it but it shouldn’t be a problem as well… :thinking:

My first thought was that Stereo Out shows Peak, while the master section shows True Peak.
Somehow I am under the impression that this could be set up somewhere in Cubase, but I would not know how. Never mind, that was “interpolate” for waveform display.

HI @Johnny_Moneto,
I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean…

Perhaps just to make sure, try and remove them all and see if it makes a difference. Just for testing purposes.

Thank you @mlib, I’ve tried jus now but the difference remains; I suspected the send FX as well but even if I disable sends in mixer console nothing changes.
Could it be something like a ‘lag’ in visualization? Sometimes the two meters seem to go together then they go different…

I check on my rig and do not spot any discrepancies between the Stereo Out and Control Room meters.

I generally don’t too… But I can’t understand why in this project it happens… :cry:

If you right click on your Stereo Out meter and select Global Meter Settings, do you have it set to show ‘input’, or either ‘post-panner’ or ‘post-fader’?

Looking at the image you’ve posted, the Stereo Out meter is a touch above zero. If your Stereo Out meter is set to show ‘input’ and then you add the fader volume.on top, it gets you closer to your Master Meter level.

Hi @Dunk79,
I generally keep meter settings on post fader or, like in this project, post panner, as I have both mono and stereo tracks and I have different pan settings but this doesn’t change the situation… (I only use input level when recording)
As @mlib wrote I generally have always the same level in the two indicators…

That would be my guess. I think it’s best to start playback, play through a long section, stop playback, and then look at what the meters show for peak (have hold set to infinite I guess, if possible).

Hi @MattiasNYC, thank you for writing :slight_smile:
I’ve tried this too but there’s no an answer yet: the two meters sometimes are equal and after a while they change…
I was in a hurry because I wanted to complete a mix but maybe I’ll try to deactivate all fx (sends, in particular) and I’ll see if I can solve the problem…

I can’t see how FX Channels would make any difference. I’m assuming they are routed to the Stereo Out bus, no?

I wonder if it would be possible to create a simple, small project where these differences are consistent and repeatable.

Hi @mlib, and thank you for supporting me!
You’re right and there shouldn’t be a reason for sends to cause an issue but in my various attempts to understand the problem I suspended all the effects and the meters appeared to be equal again, so I supposed send could be the problem (even if they’re all routed to stereo out bus, as usual).
The ‘test project’ is definitely a good idea and I’ll try it as I can; I also want to try a VST freeze (or render) to see if it’s something dealing with a processing latency (I didn’t check the buffer for the truth…)

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