Stereo Out - Like a clingy partner

Can anyone diagnose this issue? I have a disabled track orchestral template with everything hidden, including the Stereo Ins and Outs. I’m used to opening my template to a completely blank screen. Lately, the Inputs and Outputs folder containing the stereo out are loading up automatically visible. No matter how many times I hide it, re-save the template, and load it back up, it always seems to appear.

Only been happening for a couple weeks now. Can anyone think of the cause?


This behavior changes in Cubase 10 (or so). Since then the Input/Output Channels folder is always visible, same as the Stereo Out bus. The reason was, that there were some new track presets for the output buses in Cubase 10 (or the version, when did it change), so Steinberg made the bus visible to be able to apply the presets an easy way.

I’ve been using Cubase 12 since it launched. 11 before that. This problem started happening three weeks ago.

There has to be a setting somewhere causing it.

There was a bug where it didn’t appear in track list on project page until write was enabled. Does it disappear again if you delete it it from Audio connection window then re-add it, if that makes sense?

Still experiencing this in Cubase 13. Nothing prompts it. It begins happening randomly. No matter how I save the template, when I load it up the Stereo Out is ALWAYS there. Until suddenly it goes away for a while.

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