Stereo out not working

I would be happy to help people.

I have Cubase element 9, and I can not hear the microphone through the cubase. The cubase get the microphone, but does not out a sound through the monitors.
When I do " Add audio track ", and I talk to the microphone, I see in the “Mix Control” on the stereo in 1 that the meter moves and respond.
But in the Stereo out meter, the meter does not move.

I’ve attached a picture that might explain this.


Apart from going to Studio - Audio Connections.and Studio - Studio Set up. you’ll have to let the guys know your computer spec and sound card/audio interface etc.

Check your vst studio audio connections. in the Devices menu, I think

On the track Select the correct input bus and enable the input monitor.

Having looked again at your screen shot, this ^^ would seem to be the likely issue.

My equipment:
sound card: Focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp.
monitors krk rokit 6
cpu corei7 ddr 16GB

I check this.

i attach picture.


In the mixer channel you’ve marked “Vocal”, select “routing” from the racks list. You can turn this on via the racks button on the toolbar at the top of the mixer. Make sure that the input is set to " Mono in 1" which, in the attachment in your original post, appears to be receiving the signal from your mic, and make sure the output is set to “stereo out”
You won’t need the bus named “stereo in 1” for this. Your mic is a mono source.
(You can do all this from the inspector on the LH side of the project window also, if you have the Vocal track selected in the project window)

Then click the button with small speaker icon underneath the fader on the vocal channel. You should now see signal on both the input channel (Mono in 1) and the Vocal channel. And also see and hear it on the “Stereo out” bus.

I believe to avoid having these type of problems, it would be a good idea to brush up on how the audio routing works in cubase.
There are some great videos on this on the Cubase you tube channel.

Here is what you need to know to get started.

This is your magic button.

And here

I succeeded - thank you all!