Stereo Out - Nothing in Inspector?

Occasionally when I select Stereo Out (to start initial mixing) there is nothing at all displayed in the Inspector. I don’t think I did anything to cause it - so I cannot repeat it unfortunately. Whatever is doing this seems to only affect Stereo Out.

When this happens I have yet to find anything to bring it back. I have tried closing Cubase 13.0.41 and re-opening the project to no avail. This seems to happen perhaps 1 in 10 times for existing projects. In this case it was a brand new one.

The only way I can see the settings/insert etc in Stereo Out is to press the “e” button in the channel strip from now on for that project.

(Windows 11)

If there is no track for a channel (e.g. Stereo Out), no track inspector will be displayed. To create a track, it is sufficient to briefly press the Write Automation button (“W”/turns red) once on the desired channel in the (lower) MixConsole.

I must be misunderstanding you - I pressed W in the Stereo Out - and it did not change… I also pressed W on one of the busses.

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That was rather unintuitive IMHO…

Unintuitive is Steinberg’s second name, some say… :smile:

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