"Stereo Out" Preset issue

I was unable to Load or Save a Preset on my Stereo Out.
Right Clicking didn’t show the option and the Preset button didn’t respond.

[MOD Edit]

  1. New empty project
  2. open Mix Console, right click on Stereo out channel
    No entry in the menu list for Load Track Preset
  3. Activate Write on channel
    entry for “Load Track Preset” now present

I noted that the channel was kind of grayed out and the In/Out channels weren’t showing up in the Project page.

To fix it, I just need to Enable and then can Disable the “W” write Automation.
Then the Presets work as expected.

Any one else seeing this?
If so, it’s an easy workaround but took me a while to figure it out.


I saw something mentioned in manual about activating write to get input and output channels to presets.

But never quite understood what was meant. I wanted to figure out to save track presets that also included choices for input channels but never found how.

So it may be by defintion what you experience - but poorly explained in documentation.

Ah…so it’s a “Function” :slight_smile:
I must have gotten lucky in past versions and had already enabled Write.