Stereo Out Receiving no sound

Here is an interesting one, for me at least, might not be when i get the fix

sharing a project with my pal back and forth and upon return im getting no sound

He usually has 2 stereo outs, one for the project and another for a reference track to flick between easily

the project is all routed to stereo out one, and each channel is registering its signal as normal, sending to groups as normal and pretty much being normal as far as i can tell.

but my stereo out is registering blank, its not receiving any signal or so it seems, have tried taking out the inserts and pretty much making it as vanilla as possible but still nothing, just a dead channel even though its receiving from 35 active channels, also checked my outputs and such, its all looking fine

now stereo out 2 is sitting there unused as my setup doesn’t utilise the same referencing technique, but if i send anything to it from the project, blam, signal fresh and clean as i would expect from any other project (had to set ‘stereo out 2’ to the right outputs on my soundcard of course)

now i could reroute everything to stereo out 2, but the project is a big old complicated mess and really want it to work as DAW designed

what do you reckon?


I would recommend to use Control Room. This is global setup, not project related. Set Monitor 1 as your main output. Set Stereo Out to Not Connected.

still the same thing, set it up as you set (soundcard outputs to monitor 1 in ‘studio’ tab of vst connections) got the control turned on

aaaaaand, nothing, silence. Its not showing anything on the meter, still getting all the usual flashes from my individual track meters though, its just not reaching the control room for some reason.

interestingly i can hear the click if i turn that on (which i did by mistake)

What happens if you add a new Audio Track and add some Audio events in to it? Can you hear the signal from this new track?

damn thought i had replied to this!

excatly the same issue


I’ve recently found that I can no longer select my soundcard in Audio Device (Outputs). I have no problems selecting my soundcard for Inputs, and I can get both inputs and outputs working if I use the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. I recently updated to 9.5 though this hasn’t helped this issue. Any ideas would be really appreciated.

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Sorry, I should’ve added that I have checked the soundcard driver for updates. The only other issues I’ve had recently was losing VST Connection in Wavelab Pro 9.5 - though this was fixed by deleting a preferences folder - C:\Users[yourname]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\Presets\VST Audio Connections

Any ideas welcomed :slight_smile:


I see, this is a duplicate

So, if I understand it right…

  1. You had a problem with VST Connections in WaveLab 9.5. Do you know, if you had the problem in Cubase too in the same time already?
  2. You solved it by deleting the WaveLab preferences folder (on WaveLab side). Did it help?
  3. Then you lose the output in Cubase (or was it already with WaveLab?).

Am I right?

That sounds like general Audio Device driver issue, when it happened in WaveLab and Cubase. Maybe you should reinstall the driver? You can try to trash Cubase preferences, if it helped for WaveLab.