Stereo Out settings and VSTs

Hey guys,

Whenever I create an orchestral type of VST project, I can leave the Stereo Out to 0 (zero) db and everything is just fine.

However, whenever I create any other type of project using drums, bass, etc…, then I have to move the Stereo Out to anywhere from -7 db to -18 db. This includes reducing the velocity, the volumes, etc… of each track and setting automation to be anywhere from -2 db to -10 db - just to keep from clipping (in the red)

Example 1 - rock/pop type:

As a result, -18 db to keep from clipping, it does not sound as full - sorry for my vocals, I know they suck.

Example 2 - orchestral type:

However, my version of Beethoven’s 5th comes through with power, because the Stereo Out is set at 0 db.

Why would VSTs for pop/rock instruments require all this manipulation and orchestral instruments, whether they are HALion, East West, Aria, NI, etc…, work without alteration?

Thanks in advance,

You need to do some reading about compression and limiting. Your rock and pop projects have more content with transient sounds, these are what cause the clipping. Compression and limiting used properly on both individual tracks and your main out will tame this, so that you can increase the average volume, or as you call it “fullness”

The meters in the Control Room quite effectively show the difference between peak and average, this is a useful tool too.

Excellent, I used the Compressor and Limiter within the Dynamics plugin

It worked perfectly - thank you so much

This is the first that everything is played without lowering the volumes on any track.

I know my voice sucks, but -