Stereo Out stuck on "not connected"

Hey all,

All tracks in my project were outputting nicely to Stereo Out. Suddenly Stereo Out stopped the link to Scarlett. Audio output wouldn’t let me set the Stereo Out to anything and remain set to “not connected”.
In the VST connection outputs, under the Audio Device, the dropdown shows scarlett (or the built-in audio), but I can’t select it. It will always stay on “not connected”.
If I add a new bus Cubase will let me link it to Scarlett (or the built-in audio) just fine. I can then use that bus and get the output. That however, is a very tedious task in a project with many channels.

Any idea why cubase wouldn’t let me link anything to the Stereo Out again?

Only seen in this project, others are still outputting to Scarlett ok.

I’ve restarted Cubase, the laptop and my brain a few times already…
Cubase Artist 8.5


Looks like you have a corruption in this project only? Did you use a particular (new?) plugin in this project that could’ve caused this to happen?

Hey @Nickeldome . Yes, the issue appears in this project only. No new plugins. It was working ok before I’ve had a cup of tea and then stopped. Strange.