Stereo output channel missing in cubase 8 pro

In cubase 8 pro, running on windows 10 PC, One of my projects stereo output channel is missing. It is neither visible in the events window, the mix console or the visibility pane. All other channels are fine and it should be showing all channels. It shows stereo in channel, but not out. All the audio channels are routed to the stereo channel and i hear the music perfectly, but i cannot adjust the stereo output volume as the channel is absent (not visiblble). Any clues as to what is going on here?

Postscript to last message. The problem appears to be solved via devices panel, click on MMC Master and the stereo output appeared and also reappeared on the othe mixconsoles, the events window and the visibility pane list. Still don’t understand why though!

I have also had that problem , the only thing I could do was find a project that was actually working right and gut it/import the files that I had. I’ve had that problem countless times never solved the issue. And what works for you doesn’t work for me. I tried doing exactly what you said. Its a real pain in the butt.

Ok so I messed with it a little more, I have an interface that has 10 inputs and 10 outputs its a Presonus Firepod to be exact. Well I had the outputs in the VST Connections set for all 10 channels out. And when I switched it back to just Stereo Out Left and Right the Stereo Out came back for whatever reason. So I hope that solved the problem for good. Also I hope if and when it happens again the same thing will work.

Also one more thing it came back but when it was back I then had to go to the Channel Settings and Set the Target Bus back to Stereo Out in order to get the audio to come back after I did that.