Stereo Pan Settings for Batch Processing

I’ve just used the “combined panner” feature on a stereo track in Nuendo, so I could pull a stereo track more into the center, to L67 and R67.

I’d like to do this with various files via the WL batch processor. Unfortunately, I don’t find an internal plugin in WL that seems to offer this.

Can this be done? Am I overlooking something? Perhaps an idea for the future - is there any way a Nuendo/Cubase channel strip could be loaded as a plugin?


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Why not using this plugin that can even transform the signal to mono?


Thanks PG! :clap:

I didn’t think of it, as I was afraid it changes the sound further (due to the color/delay options) even when narrowing the field. I’m glad to hear it works as a regular panner in that regard!

Thanks again,