Stereo recording for external Audio inside Cubase

Please take a look at the snapshot.

The microphone connection is via Microphone > UR44 > Cubase. I believe the microphone channel is brought into Cubase as a stereo and hence recording should be in stereo, however I get a mono recording.

How can I make it stereo ?

The recording is in stereo, but of course one microphone (if it is not a stereo microphone, and therefore has two wires ) can supply a mono signal. and recorded via a stereo input bus can of course supply signal on only one side of the nstereo track. As written several times on the forums already:


-Record mono signals to mono tracks
-Record mono signals via mono input channel to stereo tracks

Do not:
-Record mono signals via stereo input channels onto stereo tracks unless you want what you got now.

You have to get into VSTconnections and create a mono bus if you don’t have one.

That’s if you have enough inputs to they don’t have to serve dual purposes.

I think you can have one track of a stereo bus as an input for a mono track…