Stereo recording from built in mics IOS 14

Will Cubasis support stereo recording from built in mics IOS 14?

Not all ipads have stereo microphones but I believe that cubasis will support stereo if available.

The inbuilt mic in an ipad won’t necessarily give great results, as you might imagine.

There is no option to select stereo from the internal Iphone XS (stereo) mics.

ok - thanks for the update

In case anyone is interested, there is an APP (a few others as well) that can take advantage of the new stereo features of IOS 14 (on selected devices of course). It’s called RecorderHQ Pro. It’s just nice to be able to record anywhere in stereo with just my Iphone XS.
I’m hoping that Steinberg will make internal stereo recording available in Cubasis in a future update.

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