Stereo reverb & effect send

Hi There,

I’m a bit puzzled about my stereo reverb.

My setup

  • Cubase element 8
  • Waves trueverb stereo

What I’m doing:
I have a mix with two guitars. Guitar 1 is panned full left (mono track) and guitar 2 is panned full right (mono track as well). I send them both to a FX send track (stereo) where I do have my reverb as insert plug. Then I notice that all the reverberation are centered… Is this normal or not ? I was expecting that reverb would be left centered for guitar 1 and right centered for guitar 2.

Is this a cubase element limitation or it’s just normal behavior for a stereo reverb ?
Any idea how I could tackle that with group bus ? I tried but didn’t succeed to figure out.

Thanks !

Ok, made some experiment this morning:

I created a stereo bus and sent my both mono track to the bus, then I have an effect send on this bus and tadamm, the reverb fully works in stereo ! (If i mute the left guitar on the mono track, the reverb will almost disappear on the left )

To sum up what I have up to now:

  1. A stereo bus sens to a stereo Fx send give a stereo result
  2. When several mono track are sent to a stereo Fx send, all the panning going INTO the effect send are centered
  3. when a stereo track is sent to a stereo Fx send, the panning are also centered

It seems like you have one panning for the track and another distinct panning for the effect send…
I have been told to use the “link panner” button, to force the effect send panning to follow the track panning, but I can’t find it. Is this a limitation of cubase element ?


Hi, I think the separate panner on sends is indeed not available in cubase elements

Cheers, Ernst


Thanks for your feedback.
Do you know if this feature is available in Cubase artist 8 ?
And where can I find a totally exhaustive feature comparison between cubase element / artist & pro ?

Hi you, sorry that I cannot help with your latest questions. I am on Cubase 8 pro and never looked deeply into the comparisions. I suggest you open another thread for your question about the “totally exhaustive Feature comparision”…

And, honestly speaking, there are a couple of questions like this in the Forum. This is why I suspect that the comparision Charts that may exist are never complete.


Hi, just checked my Manual. Pan on Sends - the Manual says Cubase PRO ONLY!



Thanks Ernst !

here is a really cool video. A while back I had a strange thing happening with waves trueverb. The mono to stereo instance of it was doing some wierd stuff inside nuendo 4. Turns out the default send routing setup in N4 clashed with true verbs own settings in the mono to stereo instance of it. I was still getting dry signal on one side of the fx channel even though true verb direct button was off and set to 100 percent wet.