Stereo route becomes unselected when switching from audio Outputs to Control Room

Is it normal that whenever I switch between Audio Outputs and Control Room, the stereo output route in the mixer is unselected for all the tracks? Even the reverbs aren’t outputting to the Stereo output anymore. I keep have to reselecting them in the mixer. This really kept me searching a long time why I didn’t have a sound anymore.

Yes that’s normal. Just keep the control room on all the time. This way your stereo bus will strictly be for inputs and exporting…

Thanks! And respect to the Control Room! :slight_smile:

How do I show the Cue Sends in the mixer?

You must add the cue send in audio connections. Press F4, choose control room tab, and add channel. You can place up to 4Q sends if you like. Then you must set up the audio device. And device port.

Yes, I did those things, but the Cues aren’t showing up in the mixer, maybe because I only have a single Stereo Out bus?

Q sends are in the channel settings window. They’re on all tracks including the stereo track