Stereo sound from my mono sound mic

I am using a Shure SM58 Mic with my Steinberg UR22 on my pc.

Now when I create a video with camtasia, than I am always getting only one line from my mono - signal mic as output. So I can hear a voice only from one speaker.

I have read, I can use the software audicity to create a stereo sound from my mono sound
I can use radial engineering ProMS2 (passive mic-spliter)

Is there not an easy way to make a stereo sound with the ur22?

The issue is likely with the way you are setting up your inputs in Camtasia. Camtasia is recording in Stereo, which is why your mono signal is only coming out of one speaker (the UR22 1 is likely set as your Left source, and the UR22 2 is set as your right source).

You would need to set Camtasia to recognize that you are wanting to record a Mono signal (which will then be played back in Stereo through the output). I’m sorry but I do not use Camtasia, so I do not know the specific setting location, but I would expect they would likely have an option to select recording only a mono input.