Stereo Sound NOT recording in Stereo

I’m just getting back into writing again, I’m a bit perplexed with this. I have an external synth, and I’m taking signal ouf of the synth and connecting to the INPUT on my M-Audio Firewire 410.

I can hear stereo sounds from the synth directly via headphones, then checked again on the headphones jack on the M-Audio Firewire soundcard, then also on my speakers its stereo a nice fat pad, also the meters on M-Audio Left/Right show sound is arriving and both channel light up with the activity. I have also have cubase setup to record a “stereo audio track” and when I playback the recording, I can only hear 1 side of the synth sounds as the other channel (eg right channel is completely blank nothing recorded nothing showing). The playback becomes somewhat of a hard pan left.

Any ideas on how to fix this or route signal to get it on both channels?

Superglobe B

Is the audio out of the keyboard a singal stereo jack or two monos? Is it connected to two inputs on the interface or just one?

The jack on the back of the synth is Stereo Left and Right outputs

Those two outputs are connect to input both L/R inputs on the Firewire audio interface.

The meter on Cubase shows only one side of signal which is strange even though I checked output sources on the synth and the input on firewire and hear stereo signal arrive.

Also I have the “input bus” on Cubase itself as stereo not Mono.

And are the correct device ports connected to the correct stereo input bus in Cubase…’?