Stereo split file to a stereo track ?


I’ve just imported an OMF with few stereo and mono tracks (they were when I export them). It seems like the OMF always export tracks in mono (or stereo split). So when I import it in my session, I have only mono tracks. Is there any way to drag 2 mono files or regions into one stereo track ? If not, is there any workaround ? I have multiple regions, I don’t want to export/re-import them as stereo files… Also, there are some handles for each region so I will loose them.

Thanks !

As far as I know, Matthieu, this is a Nuendo only feature. I use omf’s all the time and have the same gripe.

Putting the mono files into a folder then turning on group edit will work, but it’s a pain when you have to do this to a dozen different (in my case) music cuts.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Steinberg won’t give this feature to us. If we can import omf’s then let us have the tools to correct them.

This is a big oversight on their part.

Yeah, I agree.

Nice trick, I can deal with that. For this project, I have only 3 stereo tracks with a lot of region in it.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: