Stereo stem inputs

I am having trouble getting stems loaded into Wavelab. Sometimes I can set it to accept stereo files and other times it looks like all I can set it to is surround inputs. I would like to have 8 stereo stems loaded into the same project and it looks like this should be possible. I would like to record these into a montage directly. What is the secret to show the inputs as 8 stems with the record ready box ticked?

I guess I should correct this post. What I am doing is pitch/catch. I can get the 8 stereo stems into Wavelab but I cannot assign the outs to different audio outputs in order to catch them in the second instance of Wavelab. There are 2 of everything. Two Dante Aurora(n)'s. Two PCIE cards in two different computers. Two Wavelab installations. These are set to two different sample rates as required to pitch and catch at the different sample rates. It’s just that Wavelab doesn’t seem to be able to play the 8 stereo tracks on separate stereo channels.


I try to follow your stems idea but do you mean like this…
1 stereo out into 1 stereo in
2 stereo out into 2 stereo in
3 stereo out into 3 stereo in
4 stereo out into 4 stereo in
then you need to set up in Audio Connections/Audio Device like above
in “Multi Stereo” mode and perhaps mixer for your Audio Device as well?
same for playback as for recording
like WL 1 playback into WL 2 recording
check the “Channel Configuration”

if Audio Editor window doesn’t do it try with a Montage

regards S-EH

It’s too bad there is a limitation of 3 Reference Tracks because otherwise, you could put your stems on their own Reference Track an Reference Tracks can easily be routed to any stereo output path rather than just 1-2.

So I want to create a multi-stereo montage which will have 8 stereo tracks. I then could import my 8 stereo stems into Wavelab to be pitched to the 2nd computer. The problem is that there isn’t an option to choose a multi-stereo input to create a project. I have multi-mono but not multi-stereo.
I can’t think of any other way to have 8 stereo stems in Wavelab ready to pitch across Dante to my 2nd Wavelab application.
I have the channels set up correctly inside the preferences section. I am still looking for the multi-stereo option to set up the inputs inside Wavelab. The first thing that happens is I cannot import more than one stereo file at a time. Is there a way too import 8 stereo files at once?
Then on the receiving end there is the same thing. Since I need to capture 8 stereo tracks at once, I need to have the inputs set up for multi-stereo inputs. I only have multi-mono for the choice.

After going back and reviewing one of your tutorials I tried to simply drag the files into a Wavelab montage. Oddly, the multi-stereo tracks are created. Even though I did not define the inputs for each track. It seems that multi-stereo files are always available if they are detected via an import and it is not necessary to pre-define what kind of track it will be? Too many years in Nuendo I guess. One thing I noted was that they need to be imported as tracks instead of lanes. I couldn’t find a way to send lanes out to different channels but tracks works as expected.

You might be able to create a surround sound montage and repurpose the outputs for all your stems.

Justin I really appreciate your patience. I am still not sure if Wavelab is capable of sending out 8 stereo tracks in real time on 8 separate channels. It looks like it’s possible in the manual but so far I cannot do that. The output routing in the audio preferences seems to make no difference. It always seems to send out a single stereo track. I have the playback routed to 8 stereo channels but I am only getting 1 stereo output even though I have 8 stereo channels loaded into a Wavelab montage. What can I try. Thanks

For playback, WaveLab supports tons of surround configurations, but none exists to explicitly output 8 stereo pairs.
However, you could try to trick the system as follows:
choose a 16-channel surround config, and then for each montage track, assign a L/R channel pair of channels.

I can’t seem to find an actual assign tab to choose output channels. I can see the inputs but that is a different setting than the output assign apparently. Also, all of the surround channels are contained within a single buss. So I need to find a way to assign the outputs to 8 busses for it to work. At least I think that’s how it will work but not sure at all.

What about “Multi Stereo - Channel Configuration” in the
“Audio Device” dialog set to 8x
and then do the same as PG suggest in a Montage!

regards S-EH

Do you mean what is on my previous picture?


Yes I am using that tab but it never changes. It always only shows a stereo LR output. No matter what configuration I choose (surround, stereo, etc.) on the setup tab for the outputs. I have tried “undefined” and even “reference” channels for the type of channels I am setting up. Should I be able to route 3 reference tracks with different channels? I choose reference track type and still get LR stereo outs as the only choice for all 3 reference tracks.

That means you did not create a montage with the expected number of channels.
But this is not too late. Do this:

Let me first say how much I appreciate the help I am getting. It is leading me in the right direction. Also let me say that I spend a few hours looking up possible solutions on internet searches and looking through the manual before I make a post here.
The suggestions have solved the sticking points so far but I find myself stuck again, a little further down the path.
It seems that there isn’t any way to store a preset in the audio configuration that would have a surround playback and a stereo record. I can have it saved as a surround playback but it doesn’t store the stereo record settings. Or If I save the configuration as a stereo record, it wants to also store the playback settings as a stereo configuration.
So every time I recall a setup i.e. a template to record and playback I then need to manually change all of the channels in order to get it to work. Even if I simply recall a preset that only affects the playback, all of the channel settings are at default. So I am spending a lot of time entering the individual channel settings instead of clicking a saved preset. Is this normal or is there a way to save and recall the type of configurations that I need. Thanks