Stereo to Mono Conversion Issue in Cubase Effect Track Routing

I noticed an important point regarding effect track routing in Cubase. When a stereo effect track is routed to another effect track, the latter becomes mono, even if the destination track remains stereo. To prevent this change from stereo to mono, the second track must be a group, or vice versa. It’s crucial to ensure that a stereo effect track is not sent to another stereo effect track, as this will convert it to mono. However, you can route a stereo group to another stereo group without affecting the stereo field of the tracks.

That’s not the behavior I see. When I do the following it all works as expected.

  1. Create 2 Instrument Tracks A & B, each one sounding distinctive from the other one & set them to play in a Loop.
  2. Create two Stereo FX Channels 1 & 2 and route the output of FX 1 into FX 2
  3. On both Instrument Tracks Enable a Send to FX 1
  4. On Instrument Track A pan the Send fully left and on Track B fully right
  5. Now when I Mute the Instrument Tracks in various combinations I can verify that the left & right signals stay where they should - stereo all along the signal path.

Thank you for the detailed steps. I just tried it in a new project file, and you are right; the stereo signal is maintained even when routing one FX track to another. It seems the issue is specific to a particular project. I will investigate further to understand why the track converts to mono in that specific project. Any suggestions on what settings or configurations I might check?

Could it be the product of a specific plugin ?

The plugins itself.