Stereo to mono without affecting the loudness

I have been using the stereo to mono feature using save as edit channel but the loudness changes a lot when I do this. I followed and instruction that ai co-pilot gave:
To maintain the same loudness when mixing down to mono in WaveLab 12, you can follow these steps:

Mixing Stereo Channels into Mono Channels: In the Master Section, you mix the left and right channels of a stereo track into two mono channels. The Mix to Mono option is useful for checking the mono compatibility of stereo mixes

  1. To do this:
    In the Master Level pane of the Master Section, click Audio Channel Processing.
    Select Mix to Mono1.
    Setting the Loudness of all Tracks to the Same Level: WaveLab Pro can automatically set the loudness of all tracks in an audio montage that contains rendered output and at least one reference track to the same level
  2. To do this:
    Open an audio montage that contains rendered output and at least one reference track.
    Click the Loudness Matching button on the Gain pane of the Output section in the Inspector window2.

However when I choose this method only the stereo to dual mono function is shown. I would prefer to go straight to mono.

Please would someone be kind enough to assist with this.

My searches haven’t revealed anything apart from what the ai pulled out from somewhere.

Regards in advance.


It depends highly on the audio material but try with -3 dB and then try
using your ears and meters, match with gain with plugin or processing.
I am sceptical to AI prompt, plugin but that’s me…

regards S-EH

Stereo to mono depends on the audio material. There could be frequency cancellation or addition, resulting in important loudness changes. Hence you must really knows what your stereo file is about. Using the “Save As” function is a primitive way.

I would rather recommend using the following method.


And if you want strict control over the loudness, use the following.


These are both great answers so thank you to both. I suspected that the sounds might be dual mono as they were kick, voice and bass samples. I retained the files and used fabfilter Q3 to adjust the mid channels. This allowed the vocals, bass and kicks to shine without muddiness.

However I am learning and very much appreciate your quick replies.