Stereo To Mono

So… If I drop a sample / loop into my project (Either a Steinberg Loop, or one from a third party) and use the Multi-Channel to Mono feature, only the first second of the 2 mono files is created. If I record my own stereo file, I can then convert the entire event into two mono channels.

Can anyone else confirm this?

It seems if I take an audio loop and Render In Place first, then I can break it into mono… Why can’t I do it with the original .Wav loop file? It’s even in the same Sample/Bit rate as my project…

Hi rootwitch,

Yes it seems that if clips are in musical mode and are already being time stretched to match project tempo is only bounces the first second or so of them… bouncing the clip (thus removing the turn stretching) seems to fix this… this wasn’t very clear! I picked up on it in one of the longer YT production videos.

Hmmm… So I wonder if you un-tick the Musical Mode icon, will the event split properly…? I’ll have to try that.

Yes that works here for me :slight_smile: if you need to keep loops etc stretched to the project tempo then just bounce selected audio to make it permanent before turning musical mode off

Yeah - I discovered that too. Seems like a glitch, or perhaps something that they just can’t overcome if musical mode is on.