Stereo to mono

Hello All, I have a project that was recorded in stereo and I want to change all tracks to mono. my question is would it be better to convert the file in the pool which would give me a stereo track in the project with a mono file. (Audio - find selected in pool - convert files - new or replace in pool) or do a mix down which would give me a mono track with a mono file ?

If you want to be able to use stereo insert effects then you should stick with option number one, mono file on a stereo track.


First of all: Why do you want to convert your tracs to mono?

Is it because they are recordings of mono sources recorded in stereo mode … or something else?

Jarno most of the tracks were originally mono the person I got the song from likes to convert from mono to stereo

I see. In that case another +1 for TwinOak’s suggestions.