Stereo to Quad (for final mix)

Hi all , I was hoping to simply add some Quad Groups and send audio to them from the Stereo Groups (Via Direct outs) , and create quad stems thats way .
my problem is the Stereo Groups are using outputs 1-2 , which means my Quad (front) outputs can’t use outputs 1-2 as they are assigned to the Stereo :frowning:

So my question is should I set up Quad 1st and then fold down to Stereo which Scoring ? as all Music is created and signed off stereo I really like to stay in stereo, knowing that what I hear the director hears, and as I need to Cubase, I wasn’t really happy working, folding stereo from quad

Been experimenting with quad , seems to be working okay, but I can’t work out how to export stereo from quad ? you can fold Quad to Stereo on the Monitor section , but all exports are quad even when its folder down.

Send quad to its own output that is stereo and that should give you automatic fold down. Then export that output.

Thx for the reply . I don’t seem to be able to route the Quad out to a stereo ?

Go from stereo into a quad group track and from there to two outputs of different widths.

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Thanks man , I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

OK so the trick is Summing mode , which I knew nothing about . If you right click, it changes the colour of the direct outs and you can sum Perfect


Ah, yes. I don’t usually go from output to output, so I thought maybe you ran into a limitation there, hence suggesting using a group (which I still think is a good idea).

Also, I really wish they had named “summing mode” something else, since it has nothing to do with summing. More like “multing mode”… but anyway, glad you got it to work. :slight_smile:

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I agree , multing mode is more like it :slight_smile: