Stereo to Surround Plugins in Wavelab

Is there a way to use TC Unwrap or Waves UM226 Stereo to Surround plugins in Wavelab 7?

In Wavelab 7, if I insert the plugin in the Master Section and playback a stereo track from a montage set for Mode CD/Stereo, they seem to route the stereo internally to their 5.1 output meters, but the Master Section faders remain 2 channel, and the output is 2 channel.

In Wavelab 6, if I insert the plugin in the Master Section and playback a stereo track from a montage set for Mode CD/Stereo, the Master Section faders switch to 6 channels (as it seems they should), but they’re labeled Lf, Rf, Lf, Lf, Lf, Lf, and the error message “a serious error has occured inside the plugin Unwrap” pops up.

I’ve tried as Track plugin, Clip plugin, different Montage modes (DVD 5.1 etc.) but I haven’t been able to get it to work. Is there an alternate setup, or is this just not possible at this point, and if so, is it something that could be made to work in the future?


This is the same in WaveLab 6 and 7. To make the Master Section display eg. 6 channel, you must activate 6 channels in the Audio Montage properties. And start playback.

I’ve done that PG. I can get 6 channels in the Master Section with a multichannel montage, but then the plugins won’t work at all in the Master Section (“error reported by plug-in Waves.UM226. Cannot handle the required number of input channels. Plug-in is switched off.”). They need 2 channel input and 6 channel output. I’ve tried putting the plugins on a stereo track while the montage and Master Section are in this multichannel mode, but then they don’t pass any signal at all. All of these things are exactly the same with both plugins: TC Unwrap and Waves UM226 in Wavelab 7. Has anyone ever gotten these or other Stereo to Surround plugins to work in Wavelab? Maybe it’s my setup and I could just follow what others have done.

After more analysis, this seems to be a WaveLab issue. I will have to analyse more.

I am using Wavelab 7. Will my stereo plugins automatically work to master a 5.1 session in the master section? I want to use the same plugins to work on all the tracks at once. I don’t want to use the f/x section on each track.
When I use the master section plugins they only affect the L and R tracks and not the other 4 tracks (c,lfe,ls,rs).
What’s the best way to master a 5.1 session without having surround plugins or using just the stereo plugins.