Stereo Tools bug?

I can’t imagine this isn’t a bug: I make changes to the plug-in settings (in the master section), switch to a different plug-in, switch back, and all the settings are changed back!

Please see screen recording linked here (because .mov files are not allowed as attachments?!?):

WL 8.0.5, Mac OS 10.10.5

I can reproduce that here as well although the bug seems to be only graphical and doesn’t affect the sound directly.

None the less, it should still be fixed.

It is only a graphical error yet it is annoying.

There is a work-around, and that is to save the montage, close it and re-open it. Then everything shows up fine - until you change it again.

I have officially submitted the bug report, so hopefully it can resolved in a future update.

Thanks a lot Justin! I should’ve thought of that, and found the bug report form if PG didn’t see this thread.